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Viva Siva Yoga Training.

Training programs that creates amazing yoga teachers that live their yoga.
Certifying Yoga Teachers to thrive and heal with lifestyle coaching.  Live your yoga! Transform your community!

Viva Optimum Health and Peak Performance.

Incorporating yoga, ayurveda, and lifestyle coaching for optimum health and peak performance.

-Adrian Tartler DC, ERYT20

Viva Siva

Join our awesome Membership Program giving you a "sanga" or community of people "living yoga" or Viva Siva!  A place to practice yoga on and off the mat. Become a true healer by strengthening your intuition and explore your authentic path to health.
In the membership:
1. Ten Minute Yogi Mini Course
2. Ayurveda and Essential Oils Self Care Course
3. Discounts to:
a) Zoom Workshops
b) Prime Reset Program
c) Siva Yoga Teacher Training
Invitation to:
a) Yoga Retreats
b) Viva Health Program

Viva Siva Zoom - Group Yoga Classes and Workshops

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Viva Siva Yoga Training 200

Learn the amazing art and science of yoga and become a certified instructor. Earn an amazing living doing what you love. 
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Viva Siva Yoga Training 100 - HCP

Learn the amazing art and science of yoga and apply these mindfulness techniques in your professional practice and in your life.
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